Presented by: Macdonald Productions & Dance 4 Oceans

Sea Pulse Film Festival #2

Program Schedule

  • Fish Capital of the World

    Macdonald's lens captures the richness of a reef known for holding the world record in biodiversity.
  • Two Bizarre Fish Tales

    Documents fishes behaving in very strange ways according to Dr. Eugenie Clark of the MOTE Marine Lab.
  • The Majestic Plastic Bag

    Heal the Bay's mockumentary about a life of a plastic bag.
  • One Beach

    A film by Surfrider Foundation and Barefoot Wine, about creativity, optimism and fun at work on our coasts.
  • The World Ocean "Trashed"

    NOAA award winning film by Bill Macdonald summarizes the state of the art in marine debris awareness.
  • Giant Sea Bass

    Documents the resurgence of the huge behemoths off the California coast.
  • Plastic Trash to Oil

    An emerging technology that can be applied in remote regions to convert plastic trash to light crude oil in a cradle to cradle demonstration. Trash becomes valuable.
  • Together

    Dancing with spinner dolphins shows species to species communication and the Dolphin Dance Project.
  • Whales Die, Zombies Dance (in protest)

    The film will be followed by the Plastic Trash Zombies dance to raise awareness of plastic pollution in the ocean.
  • Team Marine

    Santa Monica High School raises awareness about the global marine debris, energy and climate change crises.
  • This is Your Ocean - Sharks

    A documentary removes all barriers between people and sharks in an effort to depict these animals in a new light.

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Program Flyer


Bill Macdonald of Macdonald Productions will introduce "Heart of the Ocean", which depicts the ocean's most bio-diverse zones of vibrant sea life, highlighting richness, beauty, and documents the world oceans' biodiversity bulls-eye.


In association with the Green Screen Film Festival

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