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SEA Pulse films 2012

Program Schedule

  • Diving Costa Rica's Coastline

    by Bill Macdonald
    Costa Rica, where a virgin rainforest meets the sea, has an impressive reef system along the Pacific coastline. Several locations are protected, some by the gov't. Other sites are protected by the locals as a dive tourist attraction. Good idea, there is plenty to see: sharks, mantas, and tropical fish, with critters hiding in the crevices. Despite the presence of hook and line fishermen, the reefs were well stocked with fish.
  • Together

    by Dolphin Dance Project
    Dancing with spinner dolphins shows species to species communication and the Dolphin Dance Project.
  • Live Music

    by Love & Peace
    A three-member student band from Palos Verdes Peninsula High School. Music features the Ukulele a traditional Hawaiian instrument.
  • The World Ocean "Trashed"

    NOAA award winning film by Bill Macdonald summarizes the state of the art in marine debris awareness.
  • Special Guest: Captain Charles Moore

    Founder of Algalita Marine Research Institute, discussing the recently completed Asia Pacific Expedition through the Western Pacific Garbage Patch and the southern edge of the 2011 tsunami material swept to sea making its way across the North Pacific Gyre.
  • The Majestic Plastic Bag

    Heal the Bay's mockumentary about a life of a plastic bag.
  • Watershed Steward

    by Bill Macdonald
    The power of one to remove hundreds of tons of urban trash from the Los Cerritos Wetlands
  • Guest Q&A: Lenny Arkinstall

  • Live Performance by Jillian Toress, Allie Thompson, and Annika Rose Smith

  • Trashion Show

    by Marina DeBris
    Beach couture made of washed up trash

    TRASHION by Marina DeBris / Hands Across the Sand from ROB KALMBACH on Vimeo.


Bill Macdonald of Macdonald Productions will introduce "Heart of the Ocean", which depicts the ocean's most bio-diverse zones of vibrant sea life, highlighting richness, beauty, and documents the world oceans' biodiversity bulls-eye.

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Captain Moore

Photo credit: Algalita. Photo by Matt Cramer

Plastic Ocean BookDean of Marine Debris Research
Cpt. Charles Moore "Plastic Ocean"
Book signing